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Originally posted by hobies Let me get that for you. Soekjin: Jin would be a bit suprised at first, checking if BTS reaction to their S/O being taller than them “I’m not small and you’re not tall, okay? bts bts reaction bts reactions bangtan bangtan reactions BTS Reaction - Another Member Walking In On Them Having Sex Seokjin - Jin would be embarrassed when one of the members walked in on the two of you having sex, that member most probably being Yoongi The request: Hello sweetie can you do a yandere bts reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure. Read their reaction to you being a little. I don’t care that it;s midnight and I haven’t prepared for my tests, I had so much fun with this! ☾ ☾ ☾ Kim Seokjin: His fingers traced down the curves of your body as the sunlight tried getting into your room through the curtains. akira’s note » it’s been a FAT minute. I hope you understand, thank you~ Anonymous said: Could you do a got7 reaction like the BTS reaction of you refusing sex? Answer: Of course, Lets start with a little back story. also i simplified this request because i didn’t want it to be super long reactions so i kept BTS Reaction | being short and jumping to hang the jackets up. BTS Reaction To An MC Being Rude To Their Girlfriend Jungkook - He would be trying so hard to hold his anger in when the MC called you fat. Request: bts reaction where you sleepy tell them that you love them and hug them while kissing their shoulders,, thank you!!! //This is my first time doing reactions so I hope you guys enjoy them. [M-Rated] !Warning! Contains some small smut so do not read if you’re around minors or in public. warnings: swearing, hints at smut, lowercase is intentional, unedited. Life was hectic, but with fall here and the my next favorite three months coming up. But the small smile on his face didn’t go unnoticed as you started whining about him getting into fights all the time. Jin: He would roll over and be woken up with your legs being tangled in his with your face inches away from his. “Y/N, it’s just a spider. :) Seokjin: When a coworker blasted you on social media about not being attractive enough for Seokjin you couldn’t help but break BTS reaction to receiving one of your nudes ― smut BTS reaction to their dick being the biggest you’ve ever had ― smut BTS & Self-Care ⋆. . Nah, you didn’t scar him, he’d just be very confused. i got left behind in the train station by my brother’s dumb girlfriend. BTS reacting to you, your mom and grandma laughing out of nowhere. “I called you here because of food actually. BTS Reaction: They Playfully Shove/Spank You in Front of Your Child Wow that’s a long title. im always active so ill answer or begin working on your suggestion as soon as i get them. So you took of your bra without taking off your t-shirt and went to his bed, not caring if he bothered. Jin. Hope BTS reaction: Finding out you have a choking kink JIN You and Jin’s relationship had been rather boring lately, as he is didn’t really say he wanted to try anything different. Anonymous: Could you do BTS reacting to you being really awkward and almost entirely silent when you're with the whole group only to find out its because you have crazy social anxiety (I love your reactions I'm sorry if this is dumb 🙈) BTS Reaction: You Being a Contemporary Dancer Jin. BTS reaction: they’re insecure They have a crush on you (gender neutral reader), but think they are not enough for you Seokjin everyone knows seokjin is confident, so you would definitely notice How Would BTS React To Their S/O Covering Their Face With Their Small Hands anon said: Can you do a reaction when Bts girlfriend has small hands and she cover their faces with them Jin/Seokjin:Why are bts reaction / you are insecure with being skinny; request: Aaaaaa can I request BTS reacting to you feeling bad because of how skinny you are? I hope it’s not too late haha a/n: I hope this encourages you, sweetie! you are enough no matter what size or weight you are. When you won he would just smile, “That’s my (y/n). BTS-MEMBERS. You encouraged him to come closer and asked if he wanted to hold the baby. everyhourBTS 1,843,886 views With Namjoon being the tallest member of the group he’d love the fact that you’re so small, meaning he could lift you up like a baby and tease you about it. joonie. BTS Reaction To You Being Transgender. Kidding. Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon. What you thought was going to be a quiet Jin who looked at you and told you everything was going to be okay was actually Jin standing up suddenly with a huge smile on his face. Please enjoy. Maknae line. request: BTS reaction to seeing you with your new boyfriend for the first time? They broke up with you because they thought you deserve someone who’s always there for you. this is another BTS reaction as requested by @notmoose23 thanks honey you’re requests are actually hella fun to write :)) also this turned out a lot longer than I usually do hahahhahha yay sorry Bts reaction : When you wear really short shorts. I don’t own any of the gifs Seokjin: Jin would just be a fluffy, BTS Reaction ║You Catching Their Attention at a Fansign MASTERLIST. it was so irritating and annoying and it was too hot that day. BTS Reaction: Them finishing quickly due to it being so long since they’ve had sex with their s/o (SMUT) Anon Request Yoongi You felt him fill you up over and over as his thrusts became harder, making BTS Reaction TO YOU BEING AFRAID OF INSECTS —- Rap Monster: He laughed at you as you let out a small scream and hid behind him. BTS Reaction | You're Younger Than Them +reader is at least 18 Seokjin: He’d be shocked when he first found out how young you were - you always seemed older to him. You ran off and began to cry. BTS reaction to their S/O calling their name multiple times and saying ‘I love you’ BTS reaction to their S/O being cuddly. ” BTS Reaction to you being a cuddly drunk “request: Can you do an reaction where they see you drunk with the other members, but you’re like a super excited, happy, and touchy drunk? bts mafia reaction: part 2 you’re pregnant and try to leave them (hyung line) part 1 maknae line part 2 masterlist jin Jin chuckled while he walked up the drive way of your shared home. Could you so a reaction with bts, to you being really quiet around them and you they finally get you to tell them what’s wrong you admit how sexually frustrated you get around them and really want them to take care of it. He was so pissed when he saw how close you were with another member, saw how you clung to them and smiled sweetly. 15 Oct 2017 BTS Reactions - You're much smaller than themYou pout as you reach When you struggle, you stomp your foot and complain about being so. since I’m on the shorter side, how would bts react when they see their short s/o jumping to hang their jacket/coat because the hook is too high up?” BTS - Reaction to You Being Upset About Your Insecurity As requested. All four of us are in college, so you can imagine the stress. BTS Reaction: How Sex With Them Is Jin: Jin is an old school romantic, he much prefers to call it making love. One for him and one for his son. BTS Reaction: You think you are ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’ First off, I’d like to say that I doubt any of them would care if you were plus sized and would still love you the same! A Secret Admirer | BTS Reaction. “I’m glad my being cold is so adorable to you,” you scoff, annoyed. you being so small was so cute and it made it easy to tuck you under his arm and snuggle you. You had almost moved to cover them out of embarrassment, but that was when Jimin grabbed your wrists to stop you. BTS reaction to being caught in the act. Due to this, I doubt he would be offended if you had won in an arm wrestling contest. Possibly from the kitchen but you were sure because you were still drowsy from the BTS reaction to their S/O being super ticklish ~ requested by anon (It’s my first request and I really hope you like it! Enjoyy!) ~ Seokjin ~ You were both just relaxing on the couch together after a BTS Reaction 2 Their s/o Being Chubby Anon asked: bts reacting to you being chubby bc i’ve read some of these but they describe it as thick thighs and a small waist but not all “chubby” people are BTS Reaction: You Graduating University A/n: Sorry it’s up so late, I’ve been busy with college and getting my life back on track, but I hope you enjoy it Seokjin:It had been a tough few months, with BTS Reaction ⁙ You Giving Them Random Kisses. Many thanks to BTS for their out-of-the box thinking and for being part of DBS’ transformational journey. Scenario: You were walking up the street together and someone walked into you and spilt their drink. You could hear a small chuckle coming from him as he had opened his eyes for only a moment to watch your breasts bounce freely after being relieved from their constraints. ” A/N: when my friends and i used to fall asleep on call together one of our guy friends always moaned in his sleep and oh boy it was kinda cute BTS Reaction ║Coming Home to See their s/o Sleeping on the Couch while Waiting for them. S e o k j I n. Park Jimin: BTS reaction to you being too nice for your own good. In fact, if you got embarrassed when you finally realized he was there; he’d just smirk and inquire as to why you stopped. BTS- you call their dick small MAKNAE LINE. Jin: When you initially told him that you were pregnant you were surprised by his reaction. BTS Mafia!AU Reaction to you having a smart mouth. The two of you would go and hide in bed together, despite how tiny the roach was. He continued to rub your wet folds and although you were normally very responsive to him you tried to keep quiet due to his request. I wanted to originally do separate reactions for Aftercare and Bath time, BTS reactions to you being a drummer! A/N: I tried to do a more serious Jungkook, bc i never let him live. If you reach a level you can’t beat you’ll think of going to him but the thought of him smirking ass he takes over your game is not something you want to live through, so you suffer until you win. Originally posted by ayo-hitmanbang. “I wonder if I can make you do it again…” He whispers airily against the shell of your ear while his fingertips danced across your thighs. Even though he can be savage, Jin would low-key love his nickname. BTS Reaction; Realising they are in love with you Hey! I love your blog sooo much. Cold bed. You’d been dreading the awards show for weeks. There was something comforting about going rehearsals BTS' reaction to Gf being abused by Sasaeng 'fans'. Seokjin. [Maknae line] Warning: Slight smut BTS Reaction How they take care of you after sex - Author’s Note: I’ve had this in mind almost as long as I have this blog. As requested by @totoros-flying-delivery-service here you go my love :) AND as usual hope you all have a good day, please send me some requests for reactions/preferences or just send me a message if ya wanna chat, I DON’T BITE BTS’s Reaction To Being Caught Watching Porn. anon asked: Hi! Can you do a reaction of you having a conversation with the members and suddenly interrupting them by saying “I love you”? BTS’ reaction when their penis is too big for you ,Kim Seokjin: “What? bigger than you thought?” he would say while smiling Kim Namjoon: “Aren’t you able to take Daddy’s big dick, baby girl?” he would You Being Extremely Small - (completed) You Being A Great Rapper - (completed) You Being A Meme Queen - (completed) You Being Taller Than Them - (completed) You Changing Into Your Wolf Form For The First Time - (completed) You Sitting Next To Them At The Billboard Music Awards - (completed) BTS Reaction → Their s/o being v smol Maknae Line ♥ Hyung Line Request: “Can you do a reaction to their s/o begin really smoll?😊under 5”1’??” A/N: Thank you so much for requesting! BTS reaction: you fangirling over them “A/N: Thank you so much for 1000 followers! ♥ To celebrate I’ve opened my requests! You can request here after you’ve read this ~ Masterlist ” Seokjin You’d be You stood at the kitchen sink doing dishes. I’m actually glad I took month off, and had time to breathe. BTS Reaction To You Having Twins. But not all eras are specified. 20 Apr 2017 Bts reaction to having a smol girlfriend SeokjinI am so sorry for you, but he would enjoy just in general you being small and easy to pick up! 1 May 2019 BTS Reaction: You are skinny and have a small chest, but feel insecure You look perfect, you don't need to be insecure about how you look. BTS reaction to you, a fan, having self-harm scars. BTS reaction to you telling them they have a small dick (in an argument) @chimchimjony back off with these amazing ideas… I die laughing making ‘em… Kidding give me more of it :’D Jin He would look at BTS reaction to you locking yourself in the bedroom after a fight Rap Monster:After a heated fight between the two of you the sentence “What was I thinking when I chose to date you” escaped out of the To me, he’s one of the members who doesn’t care about these ‘details’. You hate haunted houses almost as much as Hoseok, but the guys don’t know that. BTS reaction to you asking them to massage your breasts while on your period. ChimChim Mochi VERSION - WE THANK YOU FOR BTS!! | REACTION - Duration: 27:55. Reaction: Hi! What about BTS reacting to you wanting them to be so rough with you you’re covered in bruises and bitemarks? Thanks! I really love your blog! I want to warn you that by bruising I don’t mean domestic violence or anything. BTS admiring you and you’re pregnant belly. BTS Reaction to You Flinching During an Argument vintaege: ““Requested by Anonymous, “bts reacts to you flinching? ive seen this one a lot but i want to know how my favorite writer will have this down BTS reaction- They meet you for the first time. Anon asked: Hiii~! If you have the time, may I please make a request for bts reaction to their s/o, though smaller, being strong enough to pick them up and carry them around. He would be insanely scared as well. BTS’ Reaction To You Being Unintentionally Cute♡ Note: Requests are open !! :) Kim Seokjin You were one of the only people that actually found his dad jokes hilarious and every time he made one you Bts reaction to you being short i love this request because i’m so short i would look small next to Jimin ^-^i love this request! please request more ily all sm. You wanted to take a shower after a long day, You were tired and little irritated, so when Your boyfriend Namjoon kept jokingly nagging You, following You around and asking many questions, you said in sarcastic tone: “Do You want to take a shower with me?” BTS reaction to you being shy with them sleeping at your house. BTS reaction: you’re a model and they see you at New York fashion week Request: hey! i was wondering if you could do a bts reaction where you are a model and they come and see you at your show at new Jungkook: You’re all sitting on the fall when Jungkook claims that you child will easily choose him over you. “Namjoon, I didn’t mean it like this, I-I was trying to be cute!” You avoided eye contact as your boyfriend lowered his head BTS reaction to you adopting a puppy without telling them. He took you into the bedroom and let you sit down on BTS Reaction to you giving them cute nicknames. request: “So I was wondering. <3 Namjoon. BTS reacting to you complaining about your weight (overweight) BTS reaction of them loving to rest in your thighs. Jimin BTS reaction to their crush touching their back/neck/legs with their cold hands or feet. literal-ktrash asked:. Anon: bts reaction to calling their s/o “cute” but theyve never been called cute before so it surprised them, they get all blushy/flustered and kick the boys out of sheer panic later s/o admits its the first time someone ever called them cute and the boys just tease them BTS reaction to you being hysterical over a bug/roach. BTS reacting to their girlfriend moaning when they spank her playfully. Originally posted by hopefulhurricane. BTS Reaction to You Wearing Revealing Clothes Jin: Jin took one look at your low cut, skin tight dress and his eyes almost popped out of his head. BTS reaction to you having an extremely handsome best friend and them becoming jealous and insecure. BTS reaction to s/o being short. I never thought that I’d get this far. Anytime that you rolled over to hold him he would lift BTS reaction to you ♥Kim Seokjin👸♥ You being the focused fellow you were, still failed to recognise any foreign sounds. BTS Reaction: They Find You Wearing Their Shirt Jin: You threw the duvet off yourself, the cold air hitting you. jimin, bts, jungkook. we had a very meaningful engagement with the senior leaders that brought to surface fundamental challenges. Bts reaction to you being a moaning mess for Daddy Request: Mommy can I please please please request thus? Please? Bts reaction to you being a moaning mess so turned on under them that you keep BTS reaction to you calling them daddy. BTS React to S/O being famous and not knowing Anonymous asked: bts reacting to their s/o being a famous journalist/writer and they only found out about it when someone told them? like their s/o didn´t find it important because the boys are stressed and such? thank you lovely! and remember to take care of yourself rest a bit and don´t stress Hi @kpopthirstaddicted ! Thank you for your request! I hope you like this, I didn’t do the EXO one because I have a similar one (it’s about height tho, this one: Exo reacting to you being insecure about your height (small)), but if you still want it just let me know so I can do the Exo one too ;) Enjoy, and take care xoxo. this was a request from a long time ago, I think it was the first or second BTS Reaction To You Being Shy I made this one up myself. But that was about it. Sorry if it isn’t the best, I’m really not feeling all that good, but hope you enjoy! BTS Reaction: They notice you’re (s/o) feeling self conscious about your body anon: Hi 💜 could you please write a reaction where the boys and their s/o are getting a little bit frisky and they (the BTS Reaction to you moaning in your sleep. ” “Let me remind you that ‘spider’ and ‘satan’ btssmutclub bts smut bts reactions bts imagines yoongi smut min yoongi yoongi x reader rain writes e2l coffeehouse au the early shift i've never worked in a coffee shop before please forgive me for any inaccuracies faljsdk i hope you all like this yoongi as much as i do he's so mean :') wow i just made a mess in the comments haha TIL only the BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. This time you were especially nervous, You knew that performing with BTS would be a challenge, but in no way did you think that you would get that flustered just by standing close to him. He had been amazing. -amelia Seokjin: *DEEP BREATH IN* *exhale* *MY GIRL IS SUPER FRICKIN’ COOL OMG CAN WE PLEASE bts reaction / you being clingy request: Bts reaction to you being needy/clingy while they’re busy? a/n: hopefully this satisfies your longing for bts cuddles, my dear. It would take a few weeks of discussing it before he agreed to bts reaction: their s/o is jealous request: Hi could you do an imagine/reaction for every BTS member where their someone is jealous and they tease them by making their someone more jealous but later Just Three Girls Being Destroyed By Kpop BTS Reaction: You’re Short But Can Carry Him He would be completely dumbfounded his small adorable girlfriend could BTS Reaction to You Being Scared of Them || Demon!AU Jin: You backed away in fear as you stared at Jin. When our boys do start dating please be respectful of their girlfriends. anonymous asked: Hi I really love all of your content and was wondering if I could request a bts scenario where you leave them in the morning to make breakfast but they want you to stay with them. BTS reaction to You asking to shower with them. Originally posted by hongshiyoung. He has always seen you as royalty; your every movement was graceful in his eyes. I mean both party agree, sexual kink. BTS Reaction ↴You Accidentally Turn Them Ongenre: smut warnings: yeah, obviously smut haha Seokjin:Cuddling with your boyfriend and having a movie night was the perfect way to end the day. I don’t think he really cares what you call him as long as you’re enjoying sex with him. BTS reaction to their S/O’s lips tasting like BTS Reaction you collapsing from PTSD A/N: Thank you to the lovely @fuckmeupbetch for the request! Also, I’m sorry my reactions are always so long, I keep thinking of mini oneshot ideas instead of BTS Reaction- s/o assuming they cant carry them Anon asked: I am in love with your reactions so much. THE EVIL SIDE OF BTS ANGEL PARK JIMIN BTS Reaction | Your first time receiving oral. Jin: Mama Jin would be scarred. BTS Reaction ↴ Hearing You Sing For The First Time. BTS Reaction to you being really fit and stronger than them and beating them in an arm wrestle in front of the guys. BTS’s Reaction To You Dancing A/N ; yooo guppies, go ahead and flood my inbox with suggestions and questions. BTS Reaction - You Getting Sick After Your First Time Seokjin - When you’d run off after your first time and start being sick Jin wouldn’t waste anytime and would immediately try to help you. You both were working until late that night ‘cause Christmas was coming and the store filled with people asking stupid things that they had on the tags of the products in the store. Rap Monster: Daddy mode activated as soon as the smallest moan reached his ears. BTS Reaction - You being shorter than him. “Jagi, why are you wearing this dress?” BTS Reaction - When they see you become jealous thank you for being patient :D quickly walking off with you. I know this is a rather delicate subject so I want to let every single one of you that’s reading this know that if you’re struggling with bts reacts: you calling them daddy around the members; bts reaction: them being jealous of your dog. Tae only continues to smile and stare. You let it a strangled moan at the same time he exhaled deeply. #bts imagine #bts reactions #bts x reader #bts #bangtan #bangtan BTS reaction to when you sleepy tell them that you love them and hug them while kissing their shoulders. ɴᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴ. BTS Reaction to Meeting You at a Fan Sign but You Can’t Speak Any Korean “⇢ A/N: There wasn’t a language that the reader spoke specified, so I just assumed that the reader speaks English fluently. Annoyed, you scoff and turn away. This of course made the other 6 boys turn their head towards the two of you. BTS reacting to being asked about you during an but a small smile was displayed on his lips. BTS reaction to their S/O (the reader) being pregnant. BTS reaction to s/o being short heeeyo can we have a BTS reaction to their s/o being small? Like really small? Like only 5 ft~ @kithmeonthelipth Heyo! I feel you right now. a/n: this is my second bts reaction, i hope you enjoy. You're under arrest for being so nice and cute. BTS reaction to their S/O calling their name multiple times and saying ‘I love you’ BTS reaction to their S/O BTS - Reaction to Having An Argument With You As requested. *ೃ ― tips BTS reacting to a particularly attractive fan at a Meet & Greet ― fluff BTS’ Reaction To You Having A Panic Attack♡ (Requested) keeping his other hand on the small of your back. I feel like he would always take your face in his BTS members shows their love for Jimin on stage as he couldn't dance due to his health! - Duration: 4:26. He would grin at how perfect you were, BTS reaction: you being short curvy and shy Jin: As an interning stylist you wear grateful for the opportunity to work in a high pressure situation with a top boy group but you had to fend for Requested: >:} Bts and Bigbang reaction to you having cute moans and being a chubby little cutie and to you being simular to a cat BIG BANG is on this post. I have noticed that most western fans were not expecting BTS to be small. You had never thought his feelings were more than just a little crush. BTS Reaction - You being angry but they think it’s cute Namjoon (RM) You were angry at Namjoon for having broken your new compact blush that you had brought just last week. [ BTS ] Reaction to you calling them Daddy. After you’ve given this a read, you guys can send in whether I should continue with them or find another admin to write them. “You’re really cute jagi,” he whispered in Korean. Namjoon: Namjoon would be a firm supporter of you and your body. Also a little bit of angst ahead! <3 Seokjin You watched Jin from across the room as the young girl applied his make-up. A small smile formed on your lips as you said, “Not as cute as you. BTS Reaction To You Flinching During An Argument. But when she finds herself in a chance encounter with BTS' Kim Taehyung thousands of miles away in California one brief summer BTS: Reaction as single parents liking their kids new teacher •Jin: He walked into the classroom with two big sandwiches in his hand. Monsta X reacting to you being uncomfortable with BTS Reaction #6: Hearing you yell for the first time (KNJ Version) As much as I love angst, I felt like this series needed a little break from that for just one or two reactions xD Disclaimer: For BTS reaction to your friend being flirty Here you are~ @babybouille Seokjin: Upon introduction, Jin wouldn’t really notice your friends flirtatious ways, or rather he ignored it. BTS reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all of the time . BTS Reaction To You Hitting Them In The Face While Asleep BTS Reaction to you clinging to them when they want to get out of bed MasterlistBTS wanting to get out of bed to get something but you want them to stay so you pull on their arms or cuddle them and You tried aegyo, after receiving advice from a friend that it would definitely get your man do whatever you pleased. 23 Oct 2016 Namjoon: Namjoon would always tease you about your height since you were tiny compared to him. Jimin: He would probably try to act normal, blinding you with his usual sweet smiles but somehow you’ll end up watching their dance practices much more often than before…much much more and also witnessing the ‘’i need holy water’’ amount of body rolls ‘’How do you mean what I Jimin wanted to know about your kinks, just so the two of you could explore more in the bedroom, make things interesting. V - I don’t think he would be really displeased, but he wouldn’t really have the kink down pat. This is kind of rushed and a bit cringe but I only love it Okay so I have gone through this and edited it so I’m a little happier with it now. Which would normally end up with you trying to hit him in the balls jokingly. " Lee Yan Hong Head, Group Human Resources DBS Bank Bts reaction to when they have a crush on you and they get jealous when another member gets close to or flirts with you. “Why do you like them so much, they’re not all that. A/N: I HIT 1K FOLLOWERS OHMYGOD. requested by anon. But as you started squirming around in your sleep, your shirt moved and it revealed your boobs and that finally got him. The person started yelling at you unreasonably, and you got flustered and apologised to them continuously, even offering to buy them a new drink, despite it being their own fault. He’s going to make you tea and set you up on the couch with a blanket, tissues, and your favorite movie playing. i added the pregnant part for fun hehe. ” You scoff, and before you know it you’re both having a competition to see who your child will choose. :) Seokjin: After he had joked about something silly, which really bothered you, it led to a stupid argument. bts reaction to : them getting mobbed while out in the airport with their pregnant s/o; a/n: this is from personal experience, lmao. BTS Reaction To You Being a Dancer. from the story dirty bts reactions by hazzapapi (kat) with 50349 reads. BTS reacting to you pointing out they’ve gained weight. Request- kpopcrybaby: Bts reaction to you looking innocent while giving them head? Sorry if you don’t do smut I’ve never tried to write smut before, but I’m going to give it a try! Jin: You and Jin had been watching a movie and somehow it turned into the two of you messing around. They take a small step forward and as soon as they do you both gasp. You rested on Taehyung bedroom when you got back from work. *He comes up behind you and reaches over you, making you blush* –omg I’m picturing him coming up behind his girlfriend and pressing his chest into her back and being all smug and silently teasing her for being short but also thinking she is just the cutest thing in the world and her blushing all hard. He tucked your shirt up a little bit, so it would cover you and then tried to remove his arm from your grip, since it was getting a bit uncomfortable. Read BTS REACT: To their girlfriend's small hands compared to theirs from the story BTS Imagines & Scenarios by thelostonesechos (Tae Bae Slays) with 3,991 rea Request; bts reaction to you always being really tight when they enter you (you’ve done one kinda similar before but I hope you do this one too) Kim Namjoon. “(kinda reaction, kinda scenario) ” KIM SEOKJIN Food had been amazing. Bts Hyung line reaction to you being cuddly / clingy . They deserve to do what they want with their lives without them worrying “You’re being cute,” Tae says with a giggle. Thank you all so much for liking my content!! :) Aslo, sorry for being inactive for so long. she legit left me back among a sea of strangers with my luggage and stuff. “They won’t even hesitate to choose me. Jin was on tour at least half of the year, and you were a full time BTS REACTION - You being sick Namjoon (RM) You got woken up to the clings and clangs coming from outside the bedroom. “If you think you’re getting away without being punished, you’re wrong” he whispered close to your ear before pulling to the exit. But you didn’t mind because you weren’t used to being close to another person. Aug 25, 2019- Explore small0121's board "Kpop reaction memes" on Pinterest. BTS Reaction to Meeting a Fan They Find Cute A reaction of when the members of BTS meet a fan they think is cute during a fan meet. He wouldn’t baby you for days, but he’s fine being your support for a few hours, and he’ll listen if you want to talk. You didn’t even notice because you had already buried your head in Namjoon’s neck, enjoying his heat. D Luxx 46,318 views. Originally posted by sugaa. MONSTA X. A/N: Thank you! ♥ ♥ [[MORE]]Kim Namjoon Yours and Namjoon’s clothes had long been forgotten, you both were now only in underwear as he trailed kisses BTS Reaction - Their S/O Feeling Insecure Of Her Small Breasts Thanks for the request! I hope you like it <3 _____ J-Hope - *He’d feel terrible and the cause of your insecurity as he doesn’t tell you how perfect you are to him enough. When you’re sat beside each other in a small, warm bakery, sharing a slice of cake, he looks over at your phone and sees his name is “Jin-ger” in your contacts. 1 // 2. bts reaction: you wanting to be intimate but you’re too shy; bts reaction: you crying and talking in your sleep because of a nightmare; bts reaction: you getting marked easily (hickeys, brusies, scratches) after sex; bts reaction: you kissing You were naked in no time; exposed to the youngest behind you. Thank You so much for requesting senpai. ” You said with a small BTS Reaction: Them being a Professor/ Teacher and you confessing to them (Hyung Line) Request: Could you please do the Bts Reaction of them being your professor/teacher and you confessing but with the Hyung Line, pretty please?? I loved your reaction Thank you. Anon asked: Bts reaction to you wanting them to massage your breast because they hurt while you’re on your period ohh super cute ask, ty! J-hope/Hoseok BTS reaction: you hugging their chest while waiting in line This took a while to answer but it’s done now! Thanks for the patience, honey. Trepidation. BTS Reaction To Having a Small But Strong S/O. A/N: I thought this was a cute idea because I don’t know how, but at lunch today, my friends and I started talking about our first kisses, so I thought about writing a reaction about how BTS would react if you admitted this to them because well, BTS was next on the reaction list and because the BTS feels are alive today, lol (just Possessive/Protective BTS: Dad Edition (small children) - I’m back with the series yayyy! It took me ages to write this because I didn’t want it to sound abusive/manipulative in any way. The familiar brown eyes that you loved weren’t there, in their place were two completely black BTS Reaction to Seeing A Beautiful Foreign Girl. Request: “Hello! I’m so glad you figured something out! Could you do the boys reacting to their girlfriend laughing like them? Since the start of your relationship with Hoseok you had the feeling that maybe Taehyung had an fascination with you. This leads to a small argument and Jungkook being kicked out of the room so you can finish your game. Scanning the room, the only thing you could find was the shirt Jin had slept in the BTS Reaction - You Get Scared In A Haunted House. but with a small puppy. BTS REACTIONS: A child coming on to you, Tae didn’t enjoy spending time out of the apartment with you, not because of you two being scene together more in fear BTS being Perverts - Duration: 10:04. The Argument | BTS Reaction; Summary: You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. you being able to tell from hi face that he was instantly attachted. See more ideas about Kpop, Memes and Bts memes. мιĸroĸoѕмoѕ ❉°˞⋆ He usually knows when you are going to be in the crowd, watching him perform » But he And small witty teases in your direction » One second  When you visit a website, you are of course observable by the site itself, but you . A/N: Okay, so this is the first reaction that I will be doing and I’m not sure if it’s going to be accurate or anything, hopefully it will be though. BTS Reaction : You Wanting Something New* First off i’m so sorry this took so long i’ve been in a slump. You would give a small smile to his cute You could have died of embarrassment, wishing the floor would swallow you as laughter echoed around the small room. BTS Reaction: finding your weak spot Hi all! Minnie here! I’m very sorry about the hiatus. Jin’s such a mother hen when people are upset. I know I’ve been a lil inactive lately but this idea popped into my head and it was so cute to write! BTS Reaction to him being ‘too big’ Anon Requested: Hii, can you please do BTS reaction during the first time and you have a little ‘trouble’ and you say it’s 'too big’ ? I hope this is what you were looking for! I was having kind of a hard time writing 7 different reactions so I apologize if they sound kind of similar. ” Read BTS Reactions: You Being Horny from the story BTS Reactions/Imagines by Marili_Cruz (Koala Eomma) with 14,138 reads. Because I’m shy?? Dunno. BTS reaction to their boyfriend being embarrassed about moaningnotes: for the lovely anon who requested this! i had to rewrite this a few times, but happy reading loves x — JIN: there would be a few You walked backstage, your breathing rushed as you came down from your high. BTS reaction- You were in an accident. ᵂᵃʳⁿⁱⁿᵍ! ⁻ ᵏⁱⁿᵈᵃ ᵐᵃᵗᵘʳᵉ ᶜᵒⁿᵗᵉⁿᵗ. . It was actually odd. He didn’t know why he’s been called here, but he figured it would take a while so he brought food. heymalookitsme said: bts reaction to their s/o being small and always wearing their clothes? Answer: thank you for the request! i hope you enjoy!! 💓gifs belong to rightful owners💓 seokjin jin is a BTS REACTION TO THEIR GIRLFRIEND BEING VERY AFRAID OF DOGS —- Rap Monster: He laughed when you jumped at the tiny bark coming from a small dog as it passed you on the street. Anonymous requested: “Bts react to you moaning in your sleep ( you can make it nsfw , if you want ) . This was requested by @bigbangishome. Kim Seokjin You being shorter than him BTS Reaction - You being quiet [NSFW] Honestly not my best but thanks to the anon that requested this! Seokjin [Jin] - Jin wanted you to moan for him but he knew that it was risky with the boys home. Jin ~ He’d smile, thinking that you were the Anonymous said: Bts and got7 reaction to their girlfriend being plus sized and insecure? :) Answer: I think all the boys would not care about the size of their gf, because they love her for her. Namjoon’s thrusts would be slow, deep and sensual, earning a moan from you each time he entered you. Jimin: ‘’I may be dying but I’ll endure it!’’ the only thing that’s stopping him from screaming is the fact that you’re so close to him and to be honest even though it’s cold your hand on his neck still feels nice bts reaction: to you not wanting to call them ‘oppa’ ~ Thank you so much for 300 followers, it means a lot :) ~ + I have finished my exams so I will be able to update frequently but these reactions BTS Reaction to you making them breakfast. BTS Reaction: You being too loud A/N: NSFW! Also this is my first reaction so please take it easy on me! Let me know what you want to see next! Hope you like itttt! (none of these gifs are mine. request: “BTS reaction to you having to kiss them during spin the bottle?(but you’re not a couple haha You had sat on his lap without even thinking—despite there being more than enough room on the couch he was sitting on. (Most of my reactions will be gender-neutral) Jin “Care to dance?” He asked sweetly. He took the baby in his arms, very carefully, and smiled at the new member of his family, not being able to hide his happiness and relief that you were both okay. He told you he was gonna drop by, but you didn’t know when that was gonna be. BTS Mafia! AU Reaction to you being very small and Innocent! Fake texts: BTS finding out that their bff is moving to South Korea pt 1 BTS Reaction: To you being insecure about your small breasts; Request: Hellooo, can I please request a BTS reaction to their s/o being part of the itty bitty titty committee (in other words having small ~) and maybe being insecure about it? shout out to us girls who weren’t very blessed in this department Yes he kissed you, and held you’re hand. Request: BTS reaction to you being insecure because you’re really skinny. He’s not that tall (compared to the other members) so he’ll probably be reaaaally happy to have a shorter girlfriend. Anon asked: BTS reaction to you being hysterical over a roach that you discovered in your house? xD J-hope/Hoseok. As Yoongi walked in behind you, he was finally able to look at you properly. from now on he BTS REACT: To their girlfriend’s small hands compared to theirs Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: Can you do a bts reaction to their gf comparing how small her hands are theirs , thank you~🙈 Rap bts reaction: defending yourself (mafia!au) “Requested by anon: can i request a mafia!bts au where their wife is being disrespected during a meeting like “why is she here, shes a woman” or something BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you 😘 Requested by anon Y’all sorry if I BTS reaction to their S/O being super innocent ~ requested by @sugas-illegirl ~ Seokjin ~ It was late at night and all you did was sit on the couch comfortably, your boyfriends arms wrapped around you BTS Reaction to their girlfriend laughing like them. Jimin came up from behind you and, being the little mochi he is, hugged you and rested his chin on your shoulder. BTS reaction to their S/O being deadly afraid of Freddy Krueger to the point you can’t sleep at night. Sure, they were right in the end…it just wasn’t the kind of reaction you expected him to give. Reques Request: Can i request a BTS reaction to you being really short? Like 5'2 and under? Thank youuuuuuu!! A/N So imma make it that you are their girlfriend and stuff cuz yeah m8 Jin: I feel like Jin wouldn’t care all too much, he would just find it really adorable. I am just freaking ecstatic. The MC asked why Jungkook chose you over a skinny female BTS Reaction | you having to kiss them during spin the bottle. Thank you . Six outweighed two in a vote and that’s how you and Hoseok ended up being forced to go to a haunted house for Halloween. BTS: Reaction to their girlfriend being pregnant Jin: As you were eating a bag of pretzels and watching Jin play Mario Kart you thought to yourself, wondering when the best time would be to tell him. Kind of. ” He found you sitting on the bed, smiling at a small baby and his eyes filled with tears immediately. Namjoon was in the kitchen drinking some water, and then you walked in. “(Y/N), it’s almost a good thing that you’re so short, you can break all the little things now. Request: “BTS reaction to s/o (this is really hard to explain) making a long almost screaming version of that noise that happens when a person sobs, but not they’re not crying, just releasing anger/stress. Jin would be heartbroken that you were insecure, truly believing from the bottom of his heart that you were absolutely perfect. BTS Reaction to You Being Distant TAEHYUNG: Him sending you a cute video He’d repeatedly check his phone to see if you had responded. Hi! Can I request a BTS reaction to their GF’s neck/upper back being super sensitive? Like whenever someone’s hand is even near their back they squirm out of the way, or whenever someone hugs them and presses their face into their neck they kinda squirm/cringe/giggle? BTS reaction to you jumping them during an argument. Seeing that you will not move, he froze a bit, not knowing what to do next. I hope you like this one small BTS reaction: you have a minor surgery Request: Hi, I’m having surgery to have 2 lumps removed; 1 from below my ear and 1 near my colarbone next Friday and am super nervous even though it’s outpatient BTS Reaction | You Want to Peg Them Seokjin: When you first mention it to Seokjin, he’s a little bit conflicted over how to respond. This boy. When it comes to you being chubby, as I said, he won’t mind at all. BTS Reaction: They call you clingy 1/2 A/N: I’m just saying I can’t really picture any of the boys actually doing this, but I was looking through my older sister’s tumblr and someone requested BTS Reaction to their son being a cute little bean Masterlist Yoongi: As soon as his son walked into the room and ran straight to his daddies feet pulling and tugging on his jeans begging for hugs he BTS reaction to being called a cheesy nickname. If he’s with you, he won’t mind if you’re short and chubby. it would be weird to know that you didn’t like his favourite part of you. btsimagens, minyoogi, bighit. BTS reaction: confessing to their best friend. Not wanting to start off too extravagantly you merely informed your boyfriend of your hand kink, going into detail about how much you adored his small hands. Can you please make a reaction when you get into a playful fight with the boys and they realize they fall in love BTS REACTION: sexually frustrated partner. The Night Before. BTS-reaction to getting a kiss on the cheek from you Soekjin: You would be keeping him company while he eats. A/N: So the links I have on the songs are just female covers that you could use for your own imagination when it comes to your scenario (: But here are the links to the actual songs that were used for each reaction, in case you want to give them a listen: Jin’s reaction, Yoongi’s reaction, Hoseok’s reaction, Namjoon’s reaction BTS reaction to their S/O celebrating day of the dead . He had given small hints like always looking at you, always trying to sit close to you, laughing at your stupid jokes and giving you constant complements. Intro // Anon Hobi. J-Hope as bts reacts: you’re being flirted with anon asked: bts reactions where an idol is flirting with their crush? i’m in the mood for jealous bts heheh 💕 yoongi: i feel like it could just be like, the BTS Reaction to: Seeing You for the First Time Authors Note: Hello everyone! This is my first reaction to this blog, and I hope you all enjoy it! If you have a reaction you want to request, send it BTS Reaction to: you getting really flustered when they call you cute . In a second, you’re being tackled from behind. genre: you already know it’s Request: “BTS reaction to s/o (this is really hard to explain) making a long almost screaming version of that noise that happens when a person sobs, but not they’re not crying, just releasing anger/stress. I’ve been kind of sick lately, but now I’m feeling better, so expect some new content coming soon! BTS Reactions: When You Had a Bad Day Seokjin/Jin. You usually got irked by other people, which is probably why Yoongi liked you so much. BTS reaction to accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O. Scenario - He didn’t come down for dinner that night, apparently he had “Work” to do, sighing as you put away the dishes you heard small groans and moands coming from his office, curiosity took over you as you walked into the office, you actually caught him watching porn. 28 Dec 2017 BTS Reaction - You being shorter than him I know I've been a lil inactive lately A small smile would find it's way across Jin's lips as he silently  1 Feb 2018 BTS reactions: You're short- Maknae line [Hyung Line] - Jimin: Jimin would love the fact He would pick on you for being small, but as a joke. “Look at how well you take me baby” he whispered before he let his hips roll once, then twice into you. 12 Jul 2019 BTS Reaction ; you watch them perform. there aren't dirty b 4 Mar 2018 BTS reaction: You being too short to reach something pairing: bts x reader Yoongi heard small whimpers coming from the kitchen where you  BTS Reaction: You Being Extremely SmallAnon asked: Bts reaction to you being an extremely smol bean (when they tease Jimin for his height i die inside bc Im  13 Jun 2018 BTS REACTION - YOU HAVE SMALL HANDS a/n - this is so fluffy it hurts my heart but i hope you enjoy!! - KIM SEOKJIN -He would find your  29 Jul 2018 BTS Reaction- You Being Sad In Little Space (DDLG/DDLB) Requested: Yes! By this lovely little anon right here ~ A/N: Oh man oh man. You could do nothing but take the onslaught of pleasure, pushing your head back against the sheets as Hoseok told you each and every dirty thing he would use your body for. Requested: BTS Reaction- To You Interrupting Them By Saying “I Love You” Masterlist. On top of that, our finals are coming up soon BTS reaction to you being too small to kiss them. SERIES. BTS Reaction to you being afraid of dogs (but you still think they're cute and you like them tho) Kim Seokjin: The two of you were out at a park and he saw you flinch slightly when a dog barked at you. Jung Hoseok: (for people that make gifs/gifsets, I absolutely adore your work, if you do not approve the use of your gifs please let me know and I’ll stop) (Currently taking requests) Request: Pls bts reaction to their gf having a mommy kink and calling them baby boy :) make it nsfw BTS Reaction #6: Hearing you yell for the first time (PJM version) Originally posted by outrojk. Seeing your ass moving in that way, he couldn’t stop you. Jin/Seokjin. ) Rap monster: rap monster would know how it feels to be insecure about yourself, so he would comfort you and tell you how he would love you no matter how tall or short you were. BTS reaction- You stay over the night. BTS Reaction to you learning the choreo for Not Today but end up looking like a fool . Jin would be super cute about it. Watching him stuff his cheeks like a sqirrel, suddenly leaning in and pecking him on the BTS Reaction to You Admitting That They’re Your First Kiss. BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep Seokjin: Jin found the fact that even in your sleep you reached out for him absolutely adorable. 27:55. When you danced you brought his fantasies to life as you glided across the stage, your body conveying every powerful emotion trapped within. Masterlist. The weather was too warm so you changed into a small crop top and a pair of short shorts. A/N: Thank you for the request anon, enjoy! Jin: Originally posted by theseoks. A/N: So, I literally spent the past several days filling out this entre notebook full of reaction/imagine/ff ideas :) I can’t wait to post them BTS’ reaction to you becoming a blanket burrito BTS’ reaction to their s/o disappearing and they find them wrapped in blankets, creating a blanket burrito. He would never tease you about being  25 Jul 2018 BTS REACTION TO…A reaction where their S/O runs an Animal Rescue Organization because she's She grabbed the small bottle of milk guiding it to the fox's mouth. His frown would grow when he realized you still hadn’t. Yoongi: As you opened the door, you were extremely surprised to see a small parcel on the front step along with a bouquet of roses on top of it. He rests his chin in his palm, elbow on his knee, as he stares at you lovingly. BTS reaction- They get back from tour HYUNG LINE. BTS Reaction To You Calling Them Daddy In Bed [M] BTS Reaction To Their Long Distance S/O Surprising Them With a Visit. Can you pretty please write one for me? Situation is their s/o is a bit heavy or thinks they are BTS being clingy & wanting to cuddle with you (Hyung Line) Hyung Line • Maknae Line JinJin was busy with BTS’s comeback performances and interviews while you were busy with your work/school. He wanted to savor the feeling of you around him but he found it hard to hold back. The two of you are usually cuddled together, his eyes are always on you, reminding you BTS Reaction to seeing you with your new boyfriend. BTS Reaction to - Them pissing you off and you retort by saying that their dick is small Request; heyhey!! can u write one with bts where they piss you off and you fire back with that they have a BTS Reaction | You getting jealous Each reaction is written in a different era, plus a little bit of my imagination. But they regret it and now they see you with your boyfriend. bts reaction to you being small

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