Is 4000 rpm at 70 mph bad

I had a 79 L82 with 3. 16667 hertz 2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Hellcat specs, specifications, laptimes, acceleration times, pictures, photos, engine data, top speed I have a 1970. Losing rpm at 70 mph and there is slight shaking in car and steering wheel Discussion in ' Dodge Avenger General Discussion ' started by Phoenixavenger , Aug 24, 2019 . A 4-cylinder  19 Jul 2018 Gearing for go or no: Do you prefer high-revs or low-revs? the engine's performance characteristics (Does it like to produce power at high rpm or is it built more . It just does not seem right. when i drive on the highway i'm noticing that my tachometer is at 4000 rpm at only 70 miles per hour. it sounds like it wants to go to another gear, but there isn't another gear to pop into it. 016666666666667 hertz. Your figures also indicate more RPM is being turned at 70 than the little 650. 55 ratio gives 17. 8 Revs at those speeds. If you are interested, this program and more are on a disk called "PERFORM -- The Performance Calculator". Let's see what our modified Harley will do in these circumstances. Go to first unread Skip to page: Is this bad for my gearbox? My 71 455 Trans Am cruises at about 4000 RPM at 70 mph, and is Very loud. Just curious at what RPM's you guys shift. My silver 1984 R100 turns 4000 rpm at 70 mph and 4500 at 80. So far I've cleaned Mass Air Flow sensor and replaced air filter, fuel filter, PCV valve and tube, spark plugs and wires, coil pack, and battery. Obviously, doing the opposite, will have the opposite effect. 08's. My 5-speed '02 Civic EX revs at about 3500rpm at 70mph in 5th gear. 5 mph at max 4000 RPM. bike specs 2008 ninja 250r stock I have a stock kae with just a 3in catback and j30 rear end, and was wondering what rpm everyone was at when they are at the speeds posted above. on my 03 Silverado 1500 ext. . >Changing to a 4. My '10 only turns 2000 rpm at 70 mph with 3. I go 75MPH for 220 Miles on half a tank Highway. A popular performance test is a 50 mph, 200 yard roll-on: full throttle for 200 yards, starting at 50 mph. these are Conservative numbers. Check carb It appears that I may be going faster than my speedo would indicate. 70 MPH in 3rd with the converter locked is about 3600 RPM, and 3rd unlocked is 4000 RPM. After a long trip in Germany this summer, i got in a debate with my friends about how its really "bad" to drive so fast that you keep your car at a high RPM for a  Originally Posted by civic94 I have a 97 corolla with the 3 speed auto, at 60 mph its at 3000 rpm, If I go 70 its about 3500 rpm. even with smallish tires at 24" tall I'll be spinning 2000 @ 70 MPH. Use this page to learn how to convert between RPM and hertz. The Civic CVT has a loud growl when under acceleration but gets almost silent when not accelerating. 64 >per >1000 engine RPM in top gear, so 4,000 RPM gives you 62. 0738 engine_rev_per_mile also happens to be the same as rpm@60 mph. Honda Accord: Why is My Car Hesitating? Having your car stall out on you can be a frightening situation, especially if it's never happened before. Update the tire diameter and final drive gear ratio boxes as needed and Respectfully, those RPM figures mentioned seem to be out of line. 1974-2001 4500 How hard to get 400 hp out of a 400 pontiac engine It has its torque peak at 4,000 RPM, which works out to be 91 MPH using a P255/60/R15 tire for your peak torque My steering wheel vibration was really bad also but only between 60-70. Would probably put you over 40 mph, and get your max RPM’s down to 5500 which would be better for the motor. . PHOTO PHOTO "Boat came alive with addition of 25 Tempest Plus. At speed it will drop 5-600 RPM and 5-6 MPH and stay there untill you drop it back to neutral and speed up again. Re: 2500 rpm at 55 mph. If you don't have a Tempest on your Coral you're missing out!" 97 Cobra 201 Re: Why the bad rep for NASCAR SB2. PC versions only, no Mac available. 0-60 times didn't mean much to me. Why is it when driving the RPM gauge drops or jumps up? When I'm accelerating and get to required speed my RPM gauge either drops and steadies or jumps up then steadies back. Don't blow her up doing any testing but if you can, let us know when the engine is sounding happy (and speed/gear if possible) and when it starts to sound like the 12 horseman are approaching. Geared speed might be 80 to 85 mph, but Todd, I don't get your math. At 70 mph, it's doing about 3000 rpm. 8 secs. 0 ranger w/ manual trans. With these cars at that speed you'll only see 500-600 rpm increase from a wide range of velocity. Calculate MPH for RPM Use your tachometer, tire diameter and final drive ratio to determine your miles per hour. Driven at over 70+ mph most of the time. Even my Fiesta ST sits at just 2600 rpm in top at 70mph. Only when I ride higher speeds for an extended period of time ~5-10 miles. It all depends on what you want to do. I just finished a build on a 65 GTO with a 389/400 and a 700R-4. 70's at over 121 mph with the same cam in his "World's Fastest Stage 1" 1970 GS Buick. 8, 56k, or 200k It took less than six seconds to fall in love Traffic Level of Service Calculation Methods Level of service (LOS) is a term used to qualitatively describe the operating conditions of a roadway based on factors such as speed, travel time, maneuverability, delay, and safety. Toyota told me I have tranny problems. upshift when the RPM gauge shows around 4,000-5,000 rpms. 08. Or you can mail $4 and a diskette with return envelope and postage. Do yourself a favor and take it to a tire professional or a different Ford dealer and have them road force and check the balance on all wheels. My RPM is still high (about 2500e ) at 45-50 mph. It's a spark monitor and counter. 8 = 2222x24 = 53328 inches /12 = 4444 feet or 50 MPH There's not a car on the highway today, that would be screaming the engine @ 4,000 RPM going 70 mph in over-driven high gear. Automatic transmission converters slip so you have to take that into account. According to the Bentley manual, the fan turns about 1. But most of the time it will surge, untill i kick it down. Las revoluciones por minuto de un motor, RPM y como entrenar nuestro oído al aprender a manejar. As the rpm increased above the optimum range for fuel efficiency, the mileage decreased. E. 65/1,000 RPM or 70. On 93 and the GIAC X+: 72Mph ~ 3000 rpm in top gear. Going back to the chart, you can see that the blue line has a torque peak at about 2500 rpm and that it doesn't drop off until about 4000 rpm. The factory rep asked me at what rpm I run the boat and I told him I was advised to run at 400 off the top and he assured me that proper continuous speed should be @ 3800rpm. 0 = 2000x24 = 48000 inches / 12 = 4000 feet or 45 MPH A 1. It seems like a trans slip but the fluid is clean and full. Step 2: Use your RPM gauge to downshift. This means that the ability to write new posts and access various member features will go away. 8 engine, runs at 1800 rpm at 70 mph. I just recently purchased a Yukon XL for my wife and noticed the RPM was higher at 70 mph than the RPM in my Tahoe. Are you having problems at high engine RPM (4000-7000) and wide open throttle (WOT)? If so it could be spark plugs. 10 Dana, it was a daily driver, . 1 RPM is equal to 0. I have a 1150 GSA and it has the 2. Proper tuning of ignition and carbs will smooth out the vibes. The answer to your question can only be answered using the speed of the engine, not the speed of the car. I hate it. Oh dear Davros - you've got that completely wrong - automatics are far  3 Feb 2016 I have a 2015 6 with a manual, it runs about 2700RPM @ 70MPH. 5,000 rpm's x 70% = 3500 a diesel can be run at 80% of max. The '07 MBE 4000 When you accelerate when traveling 65-70, very little pedal pressure will result in a downshift and rpm's going from roughly 2000 to 3-4000 rpm. For example, RPM's quickly move from 1,250 to 1,500 at 45 MPH. Bad news was 3,000 RPM at 60-65 MPH. but shes having problems with it. Don't really see a difference. The black R100RS turns 4200 at 70 and 5000 at 80. I also recollect that 4000 RPM produced a cruise of about 27 to 28 MPH. 0-100 mph 18. Thanks I'll tell you how: I had the radio on and the CD was playing loud and I didn't hear the noise of the engine revving high while the car was in 4th gear until after I reached 7 to 10 miles of highway driving. So is there a problem if I'm running 4000 rpm while going 60 mph????? Is this bad for my gearbox? 1 litre car My car is screaming 4000 rpm at 70 mph Which fiesta version to get? Ended up on the M25 by accident. 3000 RPM's at 70 mph for a car with a speedometer that goes to 160 just does not seem to add up. The speed should equal 72. Still get about 700,000 km on a 40L full tank. i was wandering if this is normal for my engine, and if it is bad for the engine to be driving with the engine reving that high for periods of time. I was shifting at 3000 while I broke her in, but this last I tried to wait until 4000 before shifting and my gas mileage seemed to increase pretty significantly. Do you need some MAF sensor I have no burnt smell as far as the trans oil, and the engine is staying cool after a long trip. 2900 rpms at 70 mph is right on the money for a DOHC engine with auto trans. I did not exceed 80 mph as in the past I have never driven a car at more than 4,000 rpm. 6 MPH, possibly >too >much for a stock engine. GM has already presold 14,000 units of the Camaro, a good omen in a year of disastrous sales figures. I need help determing if this is  14 Apr 2016 A car tachometer, or RPM gauge, shows the speed the engine is spinning. The tachometer needle is a good clue for spark problems. 2002 3. Just got that replaced for 1300 bucks on the 31st. I assumed it must have gotten some bad gas because when I finally got back home I fueled the truck up with some fresh gas and it ran ok, however It still wouldn’t go above 4500 rpm . With 165 rear tires @ 70 mph the engine turns about 3200 rpm. 5 Z28 with a replacement LT1 (cast in 1976). I was just wondering because at light throttle my truck shifts between 15-20 mph into second and the into third at about 25 mph. By the way, this information is helpful when towing or carrying a heavy load. Just bought a Ford c-max diesel and in 6th gear its just on 1800 rpm at 70 , the torque is stunning and addictive - in 4th it accelerates fantastically even in 6 the it pulls up hills on just a whiff if throttle . So I'm cruising down the interstate tonight 78 mph and all the sudden the cruise kicks off, and the motor wont go over 3000 rpm. I had the shift lever in "D" not "S". From around 90 miles a tank to 115 miles this last tank, with almost all those being city driving (houston) Jon Snow. I'm in the same boat right now, not only at 60 -65 mph but between 30-35 mph as well. The prop on the boat was an aluminum Michigan prop 15. it has a 4 cylinder automatic transmition. Any thoughts would be appreciated. After accelerating to pass on the highway (65 mph to 70 mph), the truck remained going 70 mph when accelerator released. If it were my car in this case, I'd suspect the regulator. At 65 MPH my bike is turning 3150 rpm and the vibration is beginning to become uncomfortable. It keeps going and going and The engine spins a low 2050 rpm at 70 mph and there is no engine, wind, road and tire noise. With those pulleys the engine turns 2700 rpm at 55 MPH, 3150 rpm at 65 MPH, and a whopping 3650 rpm at 75 MPH. While riding at 60 -70 mph the engine frequently revs an additional 300-400 rpms and then settles back down to around 3100 rpms. Calculated slip was under 8 percent. Might add some detail to "made it worse". Didn't find out that the RWD was out until I got out in the snow. > > I was wondering, if it is normal or too high rpm for my car. The wheel axle rpm equals 1,107 at 1 second of time. 70 and hated the rear axle ratio. It runs great in O/D, but not enough power. The first Laguna was launched in 1994, the second generation was launched in 2000, and the third generation was launched in October 2007. When you need to slow down in a vehicle with a manual transmission, you can monitor the RPMs to determine when to smoothly downshift to a lower gear. When she runs the car up to 80 the RPM's approach 4000. It is a minor vibrarion which I feel in the sterring wheel similar to a wheel being slightly out of balance. Take them for a test drive and show them the problem first hand. So, it is the correct differential. The Ford 7. NastyZ28 '70 - '73 For you bill, I was able to take off from 3rd gear without lugging it at all , and for majik_man, yeh if I had to guess it would seem around 4000 rpms that's why I don't go past 70mph as I feel if I get to 75 I want to shift into gears I don't have haha , and the GPS seemed to be close to mph gauge (clocking in for work now will msg when I can ) Suzuki SX4 70 mph , 4000 rpm, is it normal? and tire diameter results in 4,008 RPM @ 70 with the AT, and 3,290 RPM @ 70 with the MT. This is a normal condition with this easy-revving V6. Revs freely but has no power above 4000 RPM. as the needle moves down as driving 70 mph the car would barely move back and forth then i would press the accell button upwards to 75 mph the rpm hand would move up to 4000 rpms and the humming Thanks! Thats good news for me I guess. It should be turning about 2600 RPM at 70 if the torque converter is locked up in 4th (overdrive) but if the converter unlocks it will turn well over 3000 RPM depending on the load. Hi All, I'm a new member here. Keep in mind this formula is exact only for stick shifts. On hard acceleration, upshift when the RPM gauge shows around 4,000-5,000 rpms. Then the truck wouldn’t go past 2500 rpm and once again the tach would bounce between 2000 rpm and 2500 rpm. With the gearing change, my V-Strom is now running 64 mph (GPS verified) at that engine speed. I have to check the gear, but I think it may be 4. We are not affiliated with Mercury Marine and accept no advertising. It seems like the car is not shifting to automatic O/D. This problem has been ongoing for two years (and driving me a bit mad). The condition is most pronounced when traveling between 15 and 45 MPH. 55 gears, the OD trans has the engine running at 2500 rpm at 75 mph. MPH. its spudring at 1800-2300 rpm. The vibration is minor and only between 55 and 60 mph. I didn't like to go above that for prolonged periods. reply. From around 90 miles a tank to 115 miles this last tank, with almost all those being city driving (houston) In speaking with other folks that own Jetta's they said that seems high. You get the picture, this looks like some targeted rpm options for optimal fuel efficiency and still above the torque peak rpm in all cases. My WOT shifts are somewhere are 4000 rpm. What is a good healthy rpm for long distance driving? 75 mph in 5th gear (top gear) was over 4000 rpm. The stock 650 gets a noticable jump in power at 4-4500 rpms. 70 mph @ 5700 rpm (gps). Can bad rotors cause a car to shake over 40 mph? It would be highly unlikely. i had the same problem thought it was my tranny turns out it wasnt it was the spark plugs when they get bad over time they stop firing which causes it to missfire hope this helps good luck! Last week got in a race with a pack of harleys heading back to Sturgis from titty tuesdays in Montana. At 3,000 rpms she is going about 62 mph Road and Track observed 2,650 rpms on a 1981 300TD turbo diesel. Relist: Other. 70 A turbine is spinning at 4000 rpm. 78 Gear Vendors overdrive, and engine rpm would drop to 1803 rpm. start new discussion reply. Change the oil every 4,000 miles or so. I've seen the max HP rated at 4000 rpm but don't really know if that is the max rpm in general. With bigger diameter (than original) tires you get higher speed than indicated on the speedometer. 3000 RPM at 70 mph (112 kph) seems a bit high. Just divide whatever speed you’re going by 60 and multiply it by these calculated rpms to determine your engine revs at various speeds within any given gear. Cruise control was not being used at time of incident. 0 manual. Going up (in diameter) with rear tires will also slow down the rpm's for a givin mph. Enter the number of teeth or sprocket splines on the axle (higher number, probably 50 to 70) and on the clutch or engine (smaller number, probably 8 to 15). Your rpm gage should run at about half of of your speedie: 70 mph will be about 35 (3500) rpm, 80 mph will be about 40 (4000) rpm. At WOT the motor runs great. If I had the 4 speed auto, the rpm would be about 2200 at 60 mph. The engine produces peak torque at 4,000 RPM's so having the gears and tires keeping it under 2,000 RPM's is like throwing away half the power of the engine. Much more responsive and no downshifting to pass on secondary roads. 01667 hertz. The relationship between miles per hour (MPH) and revolutions per minute (RPM) is useful for learning how to pace when cycling. When I release the gas pedal, the noise is gone. With today's transmissions, with 2 or more over-drive gears, driving at 70 MPH can be achieved between 2000 and 2500 on most cars. a gas engine can be run at 70% of its max rpm for extended periods of time. Phoenixavenger New Member The following chart shows engine rpm at 60 mph for various combinations of final drive ratio and tire diameter. 9 X engine speed. It is most commonly used as a measure of rotational speed or angular velocity of some mechanical component. But now I've got a really bad vibration above 4000 RPM in all gears under acceleration. 6L) The last two are still in the household stable. 10 gearing is running at about 2250 rpm at the same speed, which typically produces about 15 mpg. 10. why is the 2007 rav4 we just brought going up to 4000 rpm at 70 mph. 7000 rpm with 8500 being redline running in in 6th gear if memory serves me correctly. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. This started about a week ago. But the XB's engine is way more "tightly wound". 3 seconds and 3 mph and a good 35 HP over the stock cam. Even the 1100 is turning only about 3,000 RPM, while the smaller 650 is turning less than 4,000 RPM. (RPM X 60) divided by (rear axle ratio X transmission ratio X tire revolutions per mile)= MPH Get the tire revolutions per mile from your tire manufacturers spec sheet (also on line). -ft. 8T with a GIAC chip. This seems a bit high compared to other cars I've seen with the same engine (Chevy Cavalier and Saturn L-series), which run about 2700 rpm at 70 mph. This post says about the same as your first post. was doing 55 to 60 MPH and the RPM's were between 3500 and 4000 RPM's. 7 mph / 1000 rpm. Max RPM is the limit that the engine can take before severe damage. Also, at 2 seconds of time, the wheel axle rpm equals 1,978 with a speed of 129. If your car makes little torque and HP at 2000 RPM, raising the gear ratio may actually cause it to use MORE gas to maintain a constant speed of say 70 MPH. The temps were good (like they are in this case as well) but I got rid of the cooler just for a little silence, the thing sounded like a fighter jet. I may be wrong. 875 ratio gives 16. 3rd unlocked is pretty rare, about the only time I get that combination is if I turn the overdrive back on while I'm still hard on the gas under load, it won't shift to 4th until you back off a bit. My car is screaming 4000 rpm at 70 mph Watch 1 litre car · Is this bad for my gearbox? Usually you don't want o be doing 70mph in first gear. I put the spare prop on and went out again. 56 MPH, not >bad. as you have the "King Cobra" Or a bad prop. area and talked to them about the somewhat dissappointing speed of my 06 25 inboard. 10 RPM to hertz = 0. The R100 has a 32:11 rear end, and the 1982 RS has powder coat covering the differential. Obviously is car had a bad-ass engine 270 or 290bhp was a pretty good power for a car in 1958 This past weekend we did some experimenting with props. going with the flow of traffic. going up a 6 or 7 % grade in Nv. At 45 mph, I slightly touched the accelerator to maintain the 45 mph speed limit, the RPM's went over 4000 and would not stop. The clutch is not slipping. It seems to do it more in the summer rather than the winter, but i think it may be coincidence. always thought cruising rpms were supposed  I know revving is bad for the engine but i just love the noise hehe. Many thanks everyone Thanks! Thats good news for me I guess. Engine just seems to die when trying to accelerate past 4000 rpm, but only after it has warmed up. talked with her cousin which has an '03 jetta tdi said it might be the fuel filter. 5 gallons per hour. I expected it to be burning up after 200 miles going 70 mph. Ask Question you are doing 70 mph in 3rd gear! it may be a shift solenoid that's gone bad. 0 engine bad hesitation around 4000 rpm when acclerating. I spent hours driving down the freeway in that car at 3600 rpm, getting 13 mpg. and too bad I haven't I am a delivery driver and I am CONTSTANTLY going from a red light to 50 mph rapidly. Chrysler Town & Country Surging While Driving Between 40 and 50 MPH - 98 reports. at 4000 rpm as opposed to 340 at 3200. 70 mph ish is 3000 ish rpm while 85 mph is 3500-3700 ish rpm. I opted for a 200R4 that I love, but seriously considered the GearVendors. im new to the site. 95 mpg when running at 3,000 rpm, dropped to Its 550-pound, 1-ton truck Dana 70 rearend, dual wheels, and giant brake rotors acted like a giant flywheel. So @ 70 mph the fan would be turning just over 6k rpm's. I can be running 45mph and my rpm needle reads 2000. Ask me anything. The formula above will result in a very accurate RPM vs. You should see at least 45 mph. 4000 rpm should net you at least 75-80 mph. Speed in MPH is 15. Were there different transmission ratios? or is the gearing difference in the differential? My 99 lexus es300 check engine light is on, driving about 70 mph, pushing 3500-4000 rpm's, not shifting to 4th gear, any - Answered by a verified Lexus Mechanic This seems (slightly) sluggish at times, but O. he didn't help me and then had to go to church Relist: Incomplete answer. 9 mph at a max of 4000 RPM. my wife owns an '05 jetta tdi. When a car won't go over 40 MPH and won't change gears right could be the start of many problems. Tutoriales en video NAIDENMEN 180,607 views Weird cutting out issue at higher rpm untill it starts getting to 3500+ rpm, not so bad in 1st gear but 2nd is worse and 3rd is real bad. With 17/30 130-16 tire I get about 65 mph at 4000 rpm. At 60 it is turning about 4,000 rpm, and at 70 it is turning about 4,650 rpm. However, it depends on the transmission that the engine is coupled with, and whether or not the "D" selection is an over-drive gear or not. Discovering the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 horsepower is a good start to figuring out the real power hiding under the hood of the vehicle. And torque is 330 lb. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Best Answer: Revolutions per minute (abbreviated rpm, RPM, r/min, or r·min−1) is a unit of frequency: the number of full rotations completed in one minute around a fixed axis. I don't really know what the optimum RPM's for cruising should be, or what range I should be when in traffic? I haven't really been in 5th gear too much (yet), and when I was (trying to get to 70 MPH) the RPM's dropped to about 1800-2000 and it was obviously the wrong gear. 71 mph at 3000 rpm = 23. But when i am running 70mph the rpms are at 3000 but i burn less gas My car has 119923 miles. An OBDII code checker identifies defects in the exhaust system of the car. Most of the time when I drive in the freeway the rpm stays at 4000 at 70-75 And also It feels like it consumes up more gas at 4000 rpm. 5x13 and we got 17. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. But Marty, at 6000 RPM I am guessing you are at the very top of the Yamaha Range. to 1,150 rpm before downshifting. I really doubt stock everything except for tires (33's) would put you at 4000 RPM at 55mph. 33:1 gear ratio as the F70) mounted all the way down turning a 13 x 19 K Series aluminum propeller would hit 42 to 43 MPH at 5900 RPM. Bang the RPM's would jump to 4,000 RPM from 2,000 On a side note, I averaged 22. Needless to say I like the former better than the latter. I have noticed a bad side effect with this gearing change however. ENGINE RPM CHART JOHNSON®® RPM® CHART HP/Model Years WOT RPM Gear Ratio 4 HP 1980-1983 4000-5000 1. Can you really ever gear change too much? 200 mile motorway journey at night, how fast would you go? Need help with maths calculations - anyone good at maths? I got under there today, and the differential tag said 315 8991. auto, revs " really high" (3000 or so) at 75 MPH, which is pretty bad on fuel. The level of service of a facility is designated with a letter, A to F, with A representing the best Does the 2016 Ram Power Wagon make a good road trip vehicle? horsepower @ 5,600 rpm and 429 lb-ft of torque @ 4,000 rpm. These calculators are designed to give the approximate engine RPM (revolutions per minute) based on data entered. told us to hop on here and see what other people say. If the main jet doesn't solve it, try setting the accelerator pump (see below). my last chevy (350) would spin 3000 at freeway speed, which I guess was around 65 -70. 23 70 HP 3 Cyl. One hour at 4000 RPM twice as much movement as one hour at 2000 RPM. I changed my u-joints, but need to drop my drive shaft and go have the balanced checked to rule that out. Grand Cherokee Limited, V8 While riding at 60-70 mph (3100 rpms) the tach shows engine revving 300 rpms then settle back to 3100. However, you may find it necessary and helpful to manually convert between MPH and RPM And if on a road trip, I go as fast as safely possible; which is still 75-85 mph. Freaked me out when I first got the thing, but after researching it Ive found out that with a stock engine it actually runs more efficient at the higher RPM's. 11's, Crower 60241, RARE manifolds, 2 1/2" duals w/ x-pipe). Good luck I hope everything works out for you. You have a 1150 GS that with the 3. A truck with 4. What exactly does rpm at 70 mph mean to you? 70mph is just a useful benchmark as it's a commonly used (give or take a few mph) speed for long journeys. Even with 3. Not having a manual box in my '10, I can't relate to any such high rpm's in 5th gear (isn't 5th OD?). At first it was very unnoticeable but this week it got worse between the RPM range of 2800 and 4200. I does have an aftermarket cam (not sure of the make) and an OLD Excel coil and dist? Bad Air Mass Meter. 21" diameter and your axle ratio and OD reduction I get 27 MPH/1000 rpm. The funny thing is the engine doesn't sound like it's revving hard. In top gear for both of them its about 3200 RPM's for 70 MPH. Q: My 02 neon has high rmps at low speeds. The most common As a reference, my SuperSport 15 with a 2003 Yamaha 70 2-stroke (same 2. Engine runs fine except when it revs to 4000 RPM in 4th gear at approx 80MPH. It’s as simple as that. My only mod is also a K&N panal Filter. Tow haul on versus off made no difference to RPM - stayed in the same gear at both speeds. I believe engine has all original 1970 (360HP) engine parts (original block was vandalized). 5 mpg, with 'much' more aggressive driving All in all not to bad (Terrible for rbarrios), but not bad with $3. result of a strong self- centering tendency; if you drive through corners in the SX4, the steering working, because even at a 75-mph cruise, it needs to be up around 3,500-4,000 rpm. 11 Mar 2011 average speeds on British motorways fell to 69mph from 70mph the year before, Drivers typically let the revs run to 3,000 per minute on a petrol car and "At very high speeds engines will rev higher, the engine will have to work . 1 RPM to hertz = 0. 36 you say runs 70 mph at 4,000 rpm. Horsepower metrics is usually used in advertising to describe the engine’s capacity of the car so it is almost impossible to ignore this calculation even if you wanted to. output at 3600rpm. Our test crew recorded 67 dBA cruising at 70 mph, a number that would place the Rainier midpack with luxury SUVs such as the Acura MDX and, yes, Lexus GX470 ("The 'Bradsher Bunch,'" January 2003). > > A friend of mine told me that his car (different manufacture) has 3000 > rpm when he drives over 80 mph. - Duration: 9:48. Third gear with overdrive locked out if it's a four speed automatic. A 500 rpm difference might not sound like much, but in a diesel, that's about half of the useable rpm range. Just over half way back, I dropped cruise to 90 kmh (56 mph) and mileage improved to an average of 25l/100km (9. The foot hits the accelerator hard and it won’t budge past 73 mph to be exact. In 1983, Mark Busher ran 10. just seems that 3 grand factory at 70mph is a lil high and I would think it would cause bad mpg. Remember: That you are going to increase the engine speed to approximately 3000 RPM, 4000 RPM, or 5150 RPM. He even handed me an engine fact sheet which indeed rates cont. 43/1000 RPM or 65. Isn't this excessive? What could have been done to the car to cause this, and what will fix it? Losing Power> 80 mph, Fuel Pump Relay, Alternator? At some point during the month of August the Roadfly forums are going to become archive only. 2007 Ford EXPLORER Engine problems & defects. That will give you a constant - EG: 24 mph (in my case) you can use to figure rpm at mph. 0L) 2700 rpm in 1997 Subaru Legacy GT (5MT, 2. 3-liter V8 makes its peak 430 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and produces its best-in-class torque of 475 foot-pounds at 4,000 rpm. In speaking with other folks that own Jetta's they said that seems high. Many stationary bikes and outdoor bikes have technology that provides metrics. I have a 97 corolla with the 3 speed auto, at 60 mph its at 3000 rpm, If I go 70 its about 3500 rpm. I can't believe it, but is still have all the original exhaust system parts. not letting me go over 60 mph. When I put my truck in drive and step on the gas the RPM's go up to 3,000 but my MPH I noticed a similar problemn my wife's 04 last week travelling to Porstmouth and have no Idea what might be the cause. Sometimes I try to take another car on a road trip, or try to not use this car on long stretches on the highway, as it has 180k already. For example, the Bass Cat Sabre powered by an Evinrude 150-hp E-Tec got 4. I had a 70 350/350 with 3. Look I'm not there so it's hard to diagnose your problem, I'm just trying to give you ideas you may have not tried. From your numbers even if you are going 55 mph and turning 2400 rpm's if you are climbing a hill at the time and have the gas pedal mashed to the floor your going to get crappy gas mileage. Your tires traveled twice as far and therefor will have twice the wear. 0l between 3500 and 4000 rpm's for extended trips. If I had the 4  If the car actually has gearing that allows 70mph at 2000 rpm then it's fine - provided the engine isn't Is it bad to rev an engine to high RPMs on occasion? 28 Sep 2016 Shifting into high gear saves gas, preventing a shift into high gear keeps you are doing 70 mph in 3rd gear! and that's why the cruise control  (which I presume is a 4 speed). I'd say the STS definately would have more kick the higher the RPM, since it loves to be revved and do it all day long, plus is in a lighter car. Am I at a safe range? is 4000 RPM's in the danger zone for my engine or am I ok all around? thanks Normal rpm at 50 - 60 mph? It seems though that the rpms over 50 mph are higher than I thought they would be in 4th and 5th gear (especially since manual says to stay under 4500 and I easily go to 3500+ just cruising on I-495). I ran it at 4k RPM's at 70 miles per hour for an entire summer and it handled it fine. argument that says starting an engine and letting it warm up too long is bad for the engine. w123 turbo. We have a speed limit in the UK of 70 mph (112 kmh) and thus I will never know what the rev counter would show were I ever to drive at the maximum speed stated in the brochure of 118 mph (189 kmh) even if I had no concerns. 7 miles per hour. Is that about right? by Eds-68-Chevy on Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:43 pm Not the redline, but I would say a stock 258 probably doesn't make appreciable power beyond 4000 rpm. If you want to determine rpm at a speed other than 60, or for a combination of ratio and tire size not indicated here, the formula is: The stock cooler of my old FX-4170 sometimes exceeded 6000 RPM; I would consider 4000 RPM really low for an AMD stock cooler. Why Won T My Car Go Above 2000 Rpm All cars made in 1996 and after are equipped with an OBDII interface. Good question. So it is going to be interesting to see what it does with the 3. My car is screaming 4000 rpm at 70 mph Watch. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. In 5th gear at 65 MPH I can hit the throttle and it zooms right up to whatever speed I want. i find the bike is happy at 65 and below or 75 and above, but 70 is a weird speed my bike doesn't like sitting at. If I calculate the expected mph per 1000 rpm starting with your tire size that should have a 24. If the car would still go faster if you gassed on it, then it should be a safe speed as far as damage to the car goes. I think it's on the right side back, but not really sure. With a diesel engine it is at peak torque this is the most efficient rpm usually from 1600 to 2000rpm but if turbocharged can go to 3500rpm but the start of the torque band is the lowest economy. com says that the 5 speed CRV has a final drive ratio of 4. I > However, I figured out that the rpm is over 4000 when I drive over 80 > mph. 5 secs. If you're turning 4000 RPM at 70 in an automatic and you have the overdrive on, you're killing your transmission. The Renault Laguna is a large family car by European standards, and was produced by the French manufacturer Renault from 1993 to 2015. 5 MPH burning 2. Sputtering engine at 4000 rpm i tried revving it in neutral and it didnt hold back at 4000 rpm. with 60k on the clock. To add more top speed, you could probably go up an inch on your propeller pitch. This the only official road test spec that I have seen on a U. Page 1 of 1. The best way to increase your diesel truck's fuel mileage is to upgrade with a MPG Performance Module or Duramax Tuner. A motor turning 4000 rpm (zero slip) A 2. If you find the engine runs well (with the AMM unplugged) above about 30-35 mph, then you probably have TOO much fuel pressure. 17/gal. 42 gearing 1880 rpm (21 mpg) The original 455 "Cheater Cam" powered these cars to 11 second times at over 112 mph way back in the early 1970's. It drives cherry otherwise. Friction in the bearings is so low that it takes 20 min to coast to a stop. ( Direct ignition is used on this engine to significantly reduce this effect, but it still happens). My overdrive appears to be working as well since light comes on and RPM jumps when hitting button. At 55 mph or so, the engine runs around 2500 rpm, which isn't so bad. Over the range of 2000 to 3000 rpm, the modified engine is only producing about 5-10 more foot- pounds of torque than the stock engine; a gain of about 10%. ok so at 70 mph my rpm is at 2100-2200 at 75 mph my rpm is at 2400-2500 and at 80 mph my rpm is at 3000 (its never been that high to my knowledge). Apply the 0. A small 4-banger may run a bit over 2100 rpm at 60 mph. 2. Medium-and light-duty engines need to rev faster, so GM trucks with inline sixes are generally geared to cruise at 65 to 70 mph at 2,000 to 2,200 rpm. 5x14. not blowing black smoke or any smoke for that matter. That is indicated speed which I am sure is 4 or 5 mph optimistic. Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! ›› Quick conversion chart of RPM to hertz. I. This car is like the energizer bunny. Or you can steal this for free and try to figure out the other programs. Don't know how fast I was going, but I was in 5th turning just a tad over 6500 rpm's. we put the shifter in the 3d position which is the next one done from nuetral. The majority are from 3000 to 4000 RPM. As the speed decreases the magnitude of the vibration lessens, and below 45 or 50 mph it is not perceptible, regardless of gear. If your oxygen sensor has failed, the code checker will generate a diagnostic trouble code that specifically indicates your oxygen sensor is bad. Whenever i reach speeds of around 75 to 85 mph my RPM's are at 3-4000. RPM at 60 mph for 318is and 325is?(more) At some point during the month of August the Roadfly forums are going to become archive only. The ratio of those numbers yields the best power (faster acceleration) or the best high end speed, or a compromise of both. Which is not only bad for fuel economy but creates extra noise. 2% difference, however, I think I may be no less than 8-10% faster than indicated. Last year with the 904 I did 70 mph at 4000 rpm. I hit 4000-5000 rpms a lot. Please help support this web site. That’s the variation learn fuel cutoff RPM (depending upon the engine), and that it’s important to release the throttle when the engine RPM starts to decrease as a result of the fuel cutoff going into effect. cab. However, you might only be be looking for an idea of what engine RPM you would see with a given axle ratio. My Jeep Wrangler Bogging, sputtering and losing acceleration Also when this problem happens, there is an exaust/ gas like smell that is really noticable. The local prop shop recomended a 16x14 Aluminum prop for best We've been waiting for this moment ever since the new Camaro concept was unveiled in 2006. Just a beautiful dependable car. 70:1 and your engine is revving at the same 4000 rpm, your output shaft, drive shaft and 4. Do you think we're a bunch of fools? Cat's medium-duty C7 should turn 2,000 rpm at 60 mph, or 2,200 rpm at 60 mph if better low-end startability and performance is needed. High RPM get much worse nearing max RPM. You could consider a decent tranny? We put a T5 in our roadster and the stock '49 flattie turns about 2,000 RPM at 60 MPH, about 2,300 RPM at 70 MPH. Depending on the year, the 258 peaks in horsepower in the upper 3000's. Also if i push her too much to go faster too quickly it starts acting like the transmission is slipping. 6. Is this normal since its a 250cc and isn’t built to ride at 80 mph to 90 mph for a long period of time (I’m guessing)??? HEEEELP! I have not experienced this problem while going 65-70 mph for long rides on the freeway. With current Big Twin gearing, top gear at 2500 rpm returns a road speed of 60 mph and 3500 delivers 84 mph. When you get your foot into it, there is a nice engine growl. So if the redline is at or above 6000rpm, you can happily run it at 6000 rpm if you’d like. RPM's rapidly fluctuate up and down even when on a flat road under constant throttle, speed and load. The Honda left when the Prius was acquired. exitied off expressway and had bad I just purchased a used 03 Element EX 94000 miles. Yesterday I came back from Jennings on Fl 90 (parallels I-10) and easily cruised at 80 MPH. However at 70 mph, the engine runs at 3500 rpm, and at 80 mph it runs around 4000 rpm. 8 drive in one minute a 24 pitch prop travels 4000/1. The rear is a '48 with 4:11 gears I'm thinking. I think you're close to 80 mph or more. my new car will have a 305, 700R4 and 3. 3 engine, runs at 2K rpm at 70 mph while the Tahoe, an 02 with the 4. 5 mpg going out to Hershey, averaging 70-75 mph Coming home more like 21. However, with some boats the mileage actually improved at or near full throttle. 55 MPH and 9000 RPM is 70 MPH. My wife and I recently took the MSF motorcycle safety course and then bought herself an S50 :smile: - pretty cool gal Just curious at what RPM's you guys shift. It's only when I push on the gas pedal and going between 60-70 mph. It idles under 1000rmps. At the NY boatshow,I wandered into the Yanmar rep. Most other manufacturers mention RPM only when discussing engine break-in (try to stay between 2000 - 4000 RPM and avoid driving at constant RPM during the break-in period). I try to coast as much as possible. Not bad for a four banger. does it sound to you like there is something wrong with the car. There's been times I've had the speedo pegged at 85mph and clocked the car at 95mph using gps for many minutes at a time. Why does my Civic rev so high on the freeway? 22 Answers. The 6-speed transmission has downshifted to allow quick acceleration if passing, etc. If the hesitation problem occurs at higher rpm (2500-4000), a larger main jet needs to be installed. K. High RPM's at highway speeds. At 50 mph in 5th gear, a big twin is doing about 2200 rpm. 5TD engine rpm (4L80E automatic transmission) and typical fuel economy at 65 mph: 3. 9 miles per hour. gas 3590 rpm @ 80 mph for the 5 speed manual with stock tires and 2894 rpm @ 80 mph for the 4 speed auto with stock tires See how this compares to what you were working with: My calculations are that the stock tires have a diameter of 26. Etec 150 surging,losing and gaining rpm's If you have an 833 with 4th gear 1:1 and your engine is revving at say 4000 rpm vs an 855 with 5th gear . Now I run 80 mph at 2800 rpm. In lower gears, you will turn more revs for a given speed by a factor of several-fold, maybe 5X in first. 21 Apr 2007 At 2600 RPM i'm riding at around 70 MPH. If you look at peak horsepower the situation is even worse as the engine peaks at 5,600 RPM's. MPH RPM Calculator [insert_php] //===== //–MPH————————————– //mph = (rpm x tire diameter) / (gear ratio x 336) A goal of many elite cyclists is to maintain a cadence of between 85 to 95 rpm, which allows them to efficiently cover the desired distance without wasting energy. RE: fixed idle and surging problems! IP: Logged Message: I have a 2000 Jeep grand cherokee and it seems to always roar to 2000 rpm at startup, then sometimes the idle comes down to normal. My 2000 wrangler is running 3200 rpm at 68-70 mph what would cause this. The smaller the engine, the higher the peak torque RPM, so comparing engines of different sizes can be misleading. Is that about right? by Eds-68-Chevy on Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:43 pm Why is my rpms running high when I start to accelerate slow? My 2005 Nissan Sentra runs great except when I start to accelerate to get speed, my rpms rev up and you can hear it. It's a new vehicle for me. This means that, from a stop, the car will feel like it pulls away strongly, right away. 0 drive in one minute a 24 pitch prop travels 4000/2. EG: 60 mph divided by 24 = 2500. I checked out the rpm's again today, and checked my speed on the GPS to make sure it was accurate. Hello Everyone, the other day i was in a group ride cruising at about 70+MPH then all of a sudden out of nowhere my bike started to sputter almost High RPM sputtering/bogging problem - KawiForums - Kawasaki Motorcycle Forums Re: 2006 F150 Bumping/ Missing at 45 mph [email protected] 1200 rpm Post by kaisdaddy » Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:00 pm This is most likely your spark plugs. I'm having a problem with my '98 GTP. I suspect it might be my clutch/pressure plate, but that's just a wild guess. I just posted a similar problem for my 2002 with 130K, before seeing your post. There's always the old limp home trick. but it used to. Even when accelerating to cruising speed, few of us use more than 4000 - 4500 rpm as a shift point. 3000 rpm@70 sure sounds awful high to me. at and what rpm's you are running at in 6th gear at 60 mph, 65mph, and 70 mph. I applied the brake, but the engine kept the RPM's between 4000 and 4200. Mr Tidy said: My rpms are going high and my mph take a minute to go higher on my GMC Yukon. Vehicle could be slowed with difficulty by applying brakes, but would resume speed when brakes released. How to Fix Engine Surging. The Yukon, an 04 with the 5. Rpm’s are a bit over 4 and they hold steady too, slowly decreasing It does feel like it’s lugging when trying to hit past 70. When traveling at what think may be 65 mph, I appear to be going much faster than the adjacent traffic. 298" Difflock. I am running on 205/70/14s and 30 psi which may account for some 2. XSLeo XS650 Guru. 5L) ~3000 rpm in 1989 Acura Integra (5MT, 1. When I was 19, 45 years ago, I owned a 70 440-6 SuperBee with 4. Ever since then I have been experienced the vibration/rumble. 42 rear gears and 25" tall rear tires. > > Would anyone who has New Beetle (1998-2000) answer my question? > > -80mph with 4000 rpm. It now also feels real sluggish at those speeds as well. Fortunately, traffic was light. Cruising at 5k RPM's Good, Bad??? We are a group of Verado owners from all over the world that encourage the free exchange of information about the Verado engine. Gain 10-20% more miles per gallon with your diesel truck. 08, which got up to 20 mpg, and was still plenty quick. As a 750 it just does it easier and without so much vibes. I have a 1998. Easy step by step guide on how to repair an automotive engine that is surging, this information pertains to most vehicles and is listed in I have a '06 Nissan Titan and lately I've been hearing a howling noise. Join the thousands of Powerstroke, Duramax, and Cummins diesel truck owners. The higher the speed the worse the vibration. I also can't get it to hold at a certain speed between between 76-90 bellow or above I can hold it. Acceleration with this combo is aggressive, even with this mild 389 (street ported no. That data consists of the ring gear and pinion gear ratio, the height of the tires (diameter from ground to top of the tire while mounted on the vehicle) and the transmission final gear ratio. looking at about 55mpg @ 80 mph so about 180miles for your £18 at 80. Basically just keeping up with traffic or staying safely in front of the bad drivers. I use O/D when I'm in steep areas with hills. I live in NJ and Dec. – tlhIngan Sep 28 '16 at 18:33. The calculator below can be used to obtain an idea of how a given ratio will effect engine RPM. For sake of simplicity, I will calculate the engine revolutions per minute for the various gears at 60 mph since it takes one minute to travel one mile at that speed. I have done the test ride suggested above and determined that the bike cruises with acceptable smoothness (to me) between 2500 and 3100 rpm. Does this sound normal, I am asking because the transmission was just rebuild and I can't remember where exactly it used to shift. High Engine Revs and Transmission Slipping However, even if there is nothing mechanically wrong with your automatic transmission, there is the possibility  Too much engine noise above 70 mph even in 5th gear. I know people who have them and like them, and only a few who who don't. Haven't had to change the muffler yet. S. No rpm is bad for an engine as long as it’s under the redline. 82 rear end and it runs 70 mph at 3,900 rpm now. over 70mph the mpg drops off. Rolling at 60 MPH is about cruzin speed for us - any faster and it can get kinda scarry with the bias tires and all. If you look at the motor it is shuttering and drops RPM and suddenly gains them. somthing like that (I lost my link to the RPM / MPH Driving your car at engine speeds over 4000 rpms for extended periods is bad for your car. Buy ELING Waterproof Tachometer REV Counter RPM Gauge with Hour Meter 0-4000RPM 85mm 9-32V with Backlight: Tachometers - Amazon. 65 6 HP 1986-2005 4500-5500 2. The truck proved a good highway cruiser (2,200 rpm at 77 to 80 mph in OD), but despite Re: RPM's on a 200 mercury It should go 70+ MPH and the 25 pitch should work fine. We got a speed of 24. He put the idle stabilizer back on? Throw that piece of crap in the garbage or at least disconnect it. 26th we got hammered with almost 3' of snow so 4 wheel low and high was engaged . is this normal? if so, how am i really gettting efficient gas mileage if the engine is working so hard? I was just wondering what your cruising speed is at 4000 rpm. It got to the point that I could go over 45MPH. The tach is showing 4k rpm at 70mph. Keeping track of the time and frequency of the stalls is crucial for narrowing down the potential problems. 5 audi A4 1. any ideas on what it could be? If the engine runs good at 3000-4000 rpm but stumbles elsewhere, the correct main jet is being used, and the problem lies somewhere else. 765 and a 5th gear ratio of . The Legendary Corvettes 0-70 mph 9. I crusie at 4000 RPM at about 13. I am very happy. But if the engine can't get above 30 mph, more or less, then it's probably the AMM. 4 US mpg), and RPM dropped to the 2500 range. ( just finished a 350 mile trip in my sig 290) On interstate in western Maryland and West Virginia, road curves to left, going uphill (steep) at 70 mph and 4000+ RPM in drive, 3 lanes, truck in "slow" right lane (40mph), Corolla in middle lane between 3,000 and 4,000 rpm. Fortunately, conversion of mph to rpm can be accomplished by using a few simple mathematical calculations. Like saying driving an hour at 70MPH as opposed to an hour at 35MPH. roblem 4. 10 gears will be going faster with the 855 and I guess that's where he got the 30% faster rotating driveshaft. It wasn't until my eyes saw the RPM needle at the 3,000 mark while the speed was at 70 MPH while on cruise control. 2 final drive. Ford notes that not only was the new V8 made for power and torque; it was also designed for working in harsh environments, including ease of maintenance and lower operating costs. Am I beating up my car??? is it bad for my engine???? i know its really bad for gas consumption but i'd like to know if im damaging my car in any way. Re: How many revs ay 60mph At 60 mph: 2500 rpm in 1986 Honda Accord (5MT, 2. I suppose it could be done but I do believe that most race engines are built to make HP above that number. I've had previous non-CVT cars that would be over 3K RPM at 70 MPH. Part A How many revolutions does the turbine make while stopping? My America with stock gearing runs about 4,000 RPM at 70 MPH (indicated). until we got plowed out. 10 gear ratio axles My example of the 4000 rpm was my proving to my self that it was speed related and not RPM related. It is well matched with the 6-speed automatic and 4. Fourth gear with overdrive locked out with a six speed aotomatic would be more like the RPM's you're dreaming about. I now get better gearing and a better overdrive. It is available cheap, $5 plus postage. Before 60 and after 70 it was fine. I held that car at over 4000 rpm for 12 hours with only a I just purchased a 2005 jetta 2. Note that these figures would only apply to top gear. It's running high RPMs at highway speeds. I too run about 2600 RPM at 70 mph. In regard to power output, the LT1 churns out its 300 bhp at 5000 rpm as opposed to last year's L98 total of 245 at 4000. Now it is running about 3000 RPM at the same speed. But a well tuned Fleetwood is closevery close, in most regards, especially a V4P like N0DIH's. This jump in power is accompanied by a matching increase in the vibes. my 4 cylinder cruises at well over 3000 rpm at 70 mph, and I regularly drove on   -Just to achieve fast acceleration is it bad for the engine to shift at high rpms. 84 mph at 3500 rpm = 24 mph / 1000 rpm (not 26) 4000 rpm should get you 96 mph. I would like to see how High a 1. 2 engines? Road Racer in this instance is a road course like Road Atlanta, In answer to below 4500 RPM, in all the years I've been associated with NASCAR, I've never seen a dyno pull under 4000 RPM. The final speed in a 200 yard roll-on improves from about 72 to about 73. My current 78 is also a 3. The 1300, for example, is turning close to 2,600 RPM at 60 MPH. I have more research to do. As the engine RPM climbs, the voltage supplied to the spark plug by the ignition coil drops off slightly. Riders sometimes "putt" around at 2000 or less. fordproblem November 7, 2014 1 Comment If you are driving a 2007 Ford EXPLORER , or if you are planning to purchase one, then it is important that you review reported Engine problems and defects. My car is at 4000 rpm when I am driving at 70 mph and I know that's not right. Boat now PHOTO PHOTO Updated 1/4/09 cruises at 47 mph @ 4000 rpm on GPS. It is a stainless Michigan 15. When you step on the gas, it doesn't really want to go - very hesitant. Spark 4000-6000 - This allows a spark timing change to the 4000 to 6000 RPM range from our settings WOT Fuel - A percentage based change to the fueling when at Wide Open Throttle WOT Spark - Spark timing adjustment that is applied only when the vehicle is at Wide Open Throttle 2002 3. You go from a three speed to a six speed. Normally the car would run about 2100 RPM at 70 MPH. most times. i frequently run my 5. 3600 rpm hp peaks and 2000 rpm torque peaks in the typical 258's. If you slow down to even 70 mph, you'd be at 2313 rpm with the 48RE's overdrive and direct gear on the Gear Vendors. When I push on the gas pedal to accelerate and if it's between 60-70 mph, the howling noise is there. New Car/Review The Lexus GS 400, The Pursuit of Perfection has succeeded by Larry Weitzman Lexus Full Line factory footage (10:11) 28. Why Won T My Car Go Above 2000 Rpm. My speed is 60 mph and the rpm is 5000 is this normal? And if not, what could be one of the causes of the problem? 60-70 mph. To figure rpm at a particular mph, use 1000 rpm to develop an rpm constant. 72 MPH at 4,000 >RPM. RPMs stayed in the 4000 rpm range pretty much full time. PS I drive a 2007 Chrysler 300. Most four cylinders at that rate of speed will turn at approximately 2600 RPM to 2800 RPM. is 4000 rpm at 70 mph bad

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